Direct Care

Quality Care

We offer high-quality, direct primary medical care based on your health and wellness goals. Your treatment should be guided by you and your doctor, not by some insurance company's bottom line. You deserve the best care possible. We provide it.


We focus on you to offer concierge care, tailored to your specific needs. We listen to you. After listening, we work with you to find the health and wellness solutions that fit your life and your situation. We are a partner in your health care.


Contact us by phone, email, or text. When needed, our patients have our personal cell numbers to use 24/7. We respect your time and make reaching us easy. We don't double-book appointments or keep you waiting.


High quality care should be affordable. The direct primary care model is. Our subscription-based health care costs less than traditional models while providing higher quality, convenient, personalized service.

What Is Direct Primary Care?

Access Med Direct Primary Care: Personal service from caring, accessible professionals using modern technology to provide quality healthcare.

What is Primary Care?

Primary care is the most affordable piece of the greater healthcare picture. Primary care is designed to maintain wellness and increase your quality of life.

How is Direct Primary Care Different?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) in its simplest form means payments and billing arrangements are made between the patient and their primary care provider, without sending claims to insurance.

This one simple change, though radically different from traditional care models, opens the door for a revolution that merges cutting-edge medicine with the personal approach that has been missing for so long in modern healthcare.

Do You Buy Auto Insurance to Cover Gas or Oil Changes?

Of course not! Likewise, medical insurance was never designed to be used for low-cost health maintenance. Using insurance in this way dramatically increases the cost of primary care and forces providers to squeeze many more visits into their schedule to pay for that increased overhead. (This is why you have to wait so long in most doctors' waiting rooms -- they are double and triple booked.) We don't do that.

Why Remove Insurance from Our Equation?

Removing insurance from primary care also removes the barriers that make traditional care so rushed and expensive. Simply put, we found a way to deliver accessible care at an affordable, predictable cost while simultaneously improving the patient experience.

Do I Still Need Insurance?

Yes. Insurance has an important place in healthcare, just not in primary and preventative care. However, you may not need the same kind of insurance when you sign up for Access Med. You may decide to consider less expensive insurance options. We do counsel all our patients to have some form of insurance or alternative plan in case of something catastrophic.

We Focus on Our Patients, Not Insurance Paperwork

Direct primary care is a healthcare model focused on you. The provider-patient relationship is the foundation of direct primary care. We work with our patients to get the services and care they need, when they need them. We limit the number of patients in our practice to ensure that we allow more time for individuals during each visit.

We do not accept insurance, which frees us and our patients from insurance mandates and requirements. Instead, we determine care and treatment based on evidence-based practices given your particular situation. We listen to you, not your insurance company.

Every Possible Way to Save You Money on Healthcare

We advocate for our patients. We help you improve your physical health by focusing on wellness and on your financial health by lowering your overall expenses.

  • We offer many treatments and services to our patients at no charge, while other providers add them into your bill.
  • We negotiate low-cost, high quality diagnostic tests and labs for our patients.
  • We stock an in-clinic pharmacy which offers our patients medications at wholesale prices.
  • Your monthly subscription to Access Med can be covered by most pre-tax healthcare savings accounts.

If you want to know more, visit our FAQ page or contact us at our clinic for a free consultation.