What Our Patients Say

Steve Knight

When I was hit by the double-whammy of the flu and pneumonia, I was only able to avoid a hospital stay because Jeremy was willing to visit me at home and provide the care I needed, when I needed it. He called in between house calls to see how I was doing and adjusted my medications and breathing treatments as needed. Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars in hospital bills and allowing me to recover in my own bed!

Antwoine Linton

I credit Access Med for literally saving my life. As a newly diagnosed diabetic, I refused to accept the diagnosis and care from my former physician. A couple of months later, I found myself in the ER dealing with what I later found out to be complications due to my diabetes. This is when I met Dr. Stich. During the examination, we began to talk about the healthcare system, about which we shared a lot of the same concerns. He shared with me the ideology of how Access Med worked through subscription care. Although I was not ready to commit, I was hooked! In September, with my health rapidly declining and my complications increasing, I turned to Dr. Stich and the Access Med team. After evaluating my condition, they made it clear that my health was their top priority over everything. With their help, I was able to lower my glucose back to normal levels within five months of treatment. Today, my family are proud subscribers! You can't ask for a better staff and facility. I would recommend Access Med to anyone looking for quality primary care given with old-fashioned values.


Access Med has been a blessing for our family financially. The providers are empathetic and kind. The office is well-qualified to meet our family's needs.

Kay Fawn

Great staff and providers, Access Med has been a blessing to our family.

Tim Bryant, Jr.

They saved me from the flu. This is a great thing they are doing and they really do a great job. Thanks.

Jordan Price

Everyone who works here is truly awesome and genuinely care about their patients!

Lara Heck

I love the easy access I have to medical care by a wonderful staff. They truly care for your health, not your insurance card or bills you may have piling up. They are just a call or text away! This is how it should be you all! Thank you Access Med for providing health care that is geared toward wellness--not insurance and money.

Ashley Joe Wesley

These doctors are very caring and have been great to my three boys. They are very responsive to texts and get you in their office quickly to solve the issues. Amber is the best nurse! She even helped me as I tried to hold two sick babies. The care is top of the line and not to mention it is nice to develop a personal relationship with your doctors which they do very well. We will also be saving so much money on medicine and Dr visits. The Wesley's are very happy this practice is around and will recommend them to anyone!

Jennifer Compton Hunt

My family loves Access Med! The doctors and nurses are knowledgeable, caring and friendly. We highly recommend them!

Morgan Strautz

I love Access Med. It really couldn't have come at a better time in my life. When I lost my health insurance at 26 no longer covered by my parents and unemployed, I struggled heavily trying to stay healthy. After a friend recommended them to me, I've never gone anywhere else. Their customized care, compassion, ease of access and affordability, have really made an impact. I've never had a doctor make time for me, sit and converse with me as an equal, and even give personal contact for after hours. The advice of these doctors has been instrumental in me taking back my health this summer!

Angela Allen

I've never had this caliber of service from any doctor in any location. It's beyond impressive. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of us, not just once, but consistently!

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