Is Subscription Based Medicine the Solution?

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May 5, 2017
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Is Subscription Based Medicine the Solution?

Subscription Based Medicine in Kentucky

Is subscription based medicine the solution to America’s healthcare crisis??? We think so at Access Med, and apparently lots of folks agree. Just take this example we see frequently:

9 year old falls and cuts himself playing outside at 7:00pm. Mom calls his provider. Mom gets immediate first aid instructions, then we arrange to meet promptly at the office to repair the laceration. All covered as part of the monthly subscription.

When you imagine an ER bill for a similar encounter, it’s pretty clear why this growing practice style improves access and lowers cost not just for individuals, but potentially for the whole country.

That’s why you are hearing calls from senators, congressmen and leaders like Tim Price (the sitting Secretary of Health and Human Services) to expand Direct Primary Care. We could not agree more, and we have big news coming soon for Lexington, KY.

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