The Hidden Benefits of DPC

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March 20, 2017
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The Hidden Benefits of DPC

The benefits of Direct Primary Care

The medical profession becomes more complex every day. Couple that with the slew of readily available bad information, bad science and bad advice, and it can be difficult to know who and what to trust. It helps to have a trusted professional to consult for problems.

The benefits of having an independent provider who doesn’t worry about insurance, corporations or hospitals may not seem obvious at first, but it really puts the patient back in the driver seat. It allows the patient and provider to focus on what’s important to that particular individual.

I recall a long conversation with patient about potential cancer treatment options. That patient was considering a promising but unconventional treatment. We poured over the data over several visits, and in the end that patient decided to go with the traditional treatment with a surgical specialist. The patient is cancer free now, and I am grateful for the freedom to treat patients like the unique individuals that they are.

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