Jeremy Stich

March 25, 2016
Take Your Health Care On Vacation With You

Have You Ever Gotten Sick on Vacation?

With spring break upon us, we at Access Med have the perfect solution… why not bring your doctor with you? While we probably won’t turn down an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii, you won’t literally need to pack us up and lug us around. We are there for you when you get sick even while traveling. Modern technology affords us the ability to keep in touch even over long distances via cell phone, Facetime, Skype or Messenger. Here are some examples of patients who benefited from their Direct Primary Care (DPC) subscription while traveling: A business man traveling to Las Vegas experienced a sudden onset of severe dizziness and was not able to walk. He became violently sick and feared he was having a stroke. He used Facetime to reach his doctor who was able ask detailed questions and walk the patient thru some maneuvers that confirmed the diagnosis of vertigo. […]
March 13, 2016
Insurance and Direct Primary Care - Access Med

Save Money with Access Med – Even If You Have Insurance? YES!

People tell me all the time, “The concept behind Access Med sounds interesting… But I have insurance so it really can’t help me.” I understand the reasoning, but that misconception is far from the truth. To help explain how our direct care model helps even patients with insurance save money, here are five examples of patients who benefited from direct primary care through Access Med: A 50+ year old male experienced sudden onset of severe abdominal pain the night before flying out of the country on business. We met at the office at 10pm, I ruled out appendicitis and diagnosed diverticulitis, then prescribed and dispensed his medications. I was also able to check in with him even while overseas. His visit, meds and follow up cost $86.10 ($75 of that covered a month of care). An ER visit, which was the only other place open at that hour, costs a […]