Jeremy Stich

November 4, 2016
Affordable allergy treatments in Kentucky

Comprehensive Allergy Testing $150, Painless Allergy Drops $65/mo

You asked… We delivered! 54% of people have 2 or more clinical allergies. If you are someone who takes regular or seasonal allergy medication or suffer from sinus infections, it may be worth testing. Finally, a practical, cost-efficient solution to CURE allergies. At the request of our patients, Ryan, Andy and I put our heads together to offer a solution to overpriced allergy testing and curative treatment. Best of all, it is completely painless and more effective than allergy shots. After 2 years patients are allergy free. Think about freedom from the antihistamines and nose spray, and think about the money you can save by never buying these medications again. Feel free to call us for more information: (859) 209-2269.
October 13, 2016
Epi Auto Injector

Refillable Epi Autoinjector ~$37, then $3 per refill vs. Epi-Pen copay ~$608

Thinking out of the box is one of the best things about direct primary care. We make these epinephrine auto-injectors, pre-fill them, and then teach our patients to use them for serious reactions. Best of all the refills are only $3.
October 12, 2016
Obamacare rates increase in Kentucky

Obamacare Open Enrollment- Premiums to Rise 22%

​”the one factor that can make the biggest difference in your wallet: Don’t use insurance to pay for routine and preventative care!!!” This is just the beginning of what we can expect from Obamacare and the health insurance market: Average 2017 increase of 22% KY plans increase 7-64% 1/5 Americans only have 1 plan to choose from Sharp rises expected again for 2018 Many factors contribute to the rise in healthcare cost, but the factor that gets the least attention is the one factor that can make the biggest difference in your wallet: Don’t use insurance to pay for routine and preventative care!!! This is one of the few avenues an individual or family still has to control healthcare spending. Insurance was never designed for low cost preventative care, and using insurance to pay for such services further drives up cost by adding more regulation and middlemen. At Access Med, […]
August 19, 2016
Accessible Personal Quality Health Care in Kentucky

Accessible, Personal, Quality Care

It dawned on me today that in all of our blog articles, we never really pointed folks back to our website to learn more about the practice. Direct primary care (DPC) is a revolutionary idea to break free from the traditional clinic model and move back to the days when care was more personal and cost was more predictable. It centers around this core theme: DPC (for routine healthcare) + insurance (for catastrophic care) = better care + savings Please take a moment to explore our website. And if you know anyone who is also looking to break free from the rat race of insurance driven primary care, please point them our way too. 😉 Home