Why Businesses Need Access Med

We offer individualized services based on your business. No business is the same, so we work with you to meet your needs. Smaller businesses can send their employees to one of our clinics for immediate care. If you have a larger business (500+ employees) and need an on-site clinic staffed with a part-time or full-time provider, we can help you. Contact us to learn more, or to request a meeting to learn how we can improve your workforce and your business.

Benefits for the Employer

  • Dovetails with high-deductible/self-funded insurance plans
  • Low-cost benefit that can be used as a stand-alone benefit
  • Same/next day appointments for better work scheduling
  • Aggressive, evidence-based return to work policies
  • Reduced sick time and time away from work
  • Healthier, more productive workforce
  • Safety oversight and education
  • Improved employee retention
  • 24/7 access for urgent needs

Benefits for the Employee

  • Quality accessible healthcare for a healthier, happier you
  • A personal, individualized care plan based on your needs
  • Same and next day appointments to work with your schedule
  • Onsite wholesale labs and meds to save you time and money
  • 24/7 access for urgent needs
  • Office procedures included
  • Painless allergy relief
  • Unlimited office visits
  • No copays

"We run a small consulting firm. We ARE the business. If we are sick, the business doesn't grow, we disappoint our clients and we suffer financial stresses. Enrolling with Access Med has helped us to prevent health-related business "downtime" and keeps us healthier and happier as individuals. The team at their clinic respects our schedule, works with us when we need to get in to see a doctor and the one-stop shopping means less wasted time on the road to get tests run, or to fill prescriptions. Access Med is an invaluable part of our business plan!"

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  • No business is the same.  Plans are individualized by company.
  • Contact us to discuss your company's needs.


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