How Much Will You Save With Access Med?

Free In-Clinic Procedures

If you need a few stitches, a skin lesion removed, or even a simple bone fracture set -- we can do that at no additional charge in our clinics. We also offer EKGs, bedside ultrasounds and other diagnostic and treatment options at our clinics. Avoid most ER visits. We are your free urgent treatment clinic!

Save BIG on Labs

We have low-cost diagnostic tests and have negotiated the lowest prices on high-quality labs in the state of Kentucky for our patients. We continue to add to the our deeply-discounted offerings to keep you as healthy as possible! Compare our prices to other providers' prices for the same tests, performed by the same labs.

Wholesale Rx Prices

Our in-clinic pharmacy offers our clients (non-narcotic) prescriptions for literally pennies, in many cases. If you have a regular prescription -- or several of them -- being our patient may save you more in prescription costs than your monthly subscription costs. This is a members only benefit. How much can you save? Click to compare!

Allergy Testing & Treatment

Why pay hundreds more each year to "manage" your allergies with frequent injections? Our painless approach is less than half the price and (in 90% of patients) cures your allergies, compared to the 60% success rate of traditional treatments. Allergy treatments have made great strides recently, and our methods are needle-free and effective.

Our Low Monthly Subscription Rates

Our adult pricing is based on the level of precision you choose. We don't change our fees if your health declines, or if you have chronic or other conditions before you come to us. All fees are applied on a monthly basis but can be paid in any increment that you desire. Our practice is designed with you in mind and we want to keep everything simple and transparent.

Explore Your Benefits

Direct Primary Care in Kentucky for individuals


We treat you like a rockstar!

We want to help you achieve the highest possible level of health and wellness, so we are here for you anytime you need us. Other doctors have "gatekeepers" in their office. We have staff that will help you reach us right away -- any time you need. We like our patients, we want to talk to you!

  • Easy, direct access to your care provider - 24/7.
  • No waiting -- we get you in to be seen right away!
  • Better care for better outcomes and a healthier you.
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Family Doctor in Lexington Kentucky offering Direct Primary Care


Don't pay for family members you don't have!

Other "family plan" structured payments have you pay for "averages" and you pay quite a bit for those imaginary people. We keep our rates low and you only pay for the members in YOUR family. (And children who have parents as members get a phenomenal rate!)

  • All physicals included - school, sports, annual, work.
  • Sick visits are included without limitations.
  • Urgent care included, so no more urgent care charges and serious reduction in ER visits.
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Employers Benefit from Direct Primary Care for Employees


Customized for your business and your employees

We know no two businesses are the same, so we don't box you in with a "one-size-fits-all" plan. We offer the health care solutions best suited to your budget and the medical needs of your employees.

  • Improved employee retention.
  • Healthier, more productive workforce.
  • Reduced absenteeism due to illness.
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