March 13, 2016
Insurance and Direct Primary Care - Access Med

Save Money with Access Med – Even If You Have Insurance? YES!

People tell me all the time, “The concept behind Access Med sounds interesting… But I have insurance so it really can’t help me.” I understand the reasoning, but that misconception is far from the truth. To help explain how our direct care model helps even patients with insurance save money, here are five examples of patients who benefited from direct primary care through Access Med: A 50+ year old male experienced sudden onset of severe abdominal pain the night before flying out of the country on business. We met at the office at 10pm, I ruled out appendicitis and diagnosed diverticulitis, then prescribed and dispensed his medications. I was also able to check in with him even while overseas. His visit, meds and follow up cost $86.10 ($75 of that covered a month of care). An ER visit, which was the only other place open at that hour, costs a […]
February 22, 2016
How Direct Primary Care Started in Kentucky

Where it All Started

Access Med is an idea born from failure.  Let’s begin with that thought… Practicing medicine used to be about the patient.  Now it has become a conglomeration of insurance nightmares, government control, and escalating costs.  Fresh out of school I was excited and looked forward to the day when I saved my first life.  I quickly learned that it was nothing like I expected. The foundation of practicing medicine should be the provider/patient relationship.   Some of you may remember when the doctor would come to your house, spend as much time as you needed, and do what was necessary to treat your ailment.  Now you spend all day getting through to your doctor in an attempt schedule an appointment.  If you’re lucky you’ll get an appointment in a reasonable amount of time.  On appointment day you may get 15 minutes of their time and its not because they only want to spend that […]