May 11, 2016
Time is the difference in excellent health care

Time Is the Difference

Time makes all the Difference… Your doctor probably agrees with you. When you look at most patient surveys one common complaint stands out… not enough time with the provider. Ironically, when you ask most primary care providers you will notice a similar complaint…not enough time. That is a core feature that sets Direct Primary Care (DPC) apart from traditional practice models, but before I talk more about DPC, it is necessary to give a little background about how most clinics are managed. I remember taking a class during my second year in school about managing a clinic. The instructor was lecturing on “the art of clinic time management.” He taught us that we would only have about 15 minutes per patient, and some patients will inevitably take more time than that. He explained that we would need to shave time from several patients in order to make enough time for […]
April 15, 2016
The Health Care System Is Broken

The System is Broken

But there is a silver lining I remember the precise moment several years ago when the reality struck me… Our health care system is broken. A tearful and angry husband stood next to his wife’s hospital bed yelling at me. She was slowly wasting away from cancer and the man sensed that his wife didn’t have much longer. She had just been wheeled to an ER room when the husband asked if I was there to admit them to the hospital. When I explained that I had to run a battery of tests to find a clear diagnosis so her insurance would cover the hospital stay, the man lost it. She had advanced cancer, but in all of the appointments and treatment sessions no one sat down with the couple to discuss the potential outcomes. She was told she had a fighting chance and the couple expected recovery. Although it […]
April 6, 2016
Affordable Health Care for Everyone in Kentucky

Equality and Affordibility for all…

It’s not a new idea. We just haven’t seen it in a while. When Ryan, Andy and I sat down to plan Access Med, we embraced one key component of Direct Primary Care (DPC). We don’t have VIPs. Quite simply, every patient receives the same quality, personalized care no matter what. It doesn’t matter if someone carries a private, Cadillac, platinum insurance card or if they don’t have an insurance card at all. DPC is all about offering affordable quality care for everyone. We take a lot of pride in that!
March 25, 2016
Take Your Health Care On Vacation With You

Have You Ever Gotten Sick on Vacation?

With spring break upon us, we at Access Med have the perfect solution… why not bring your doctor with you? While we probably won’t turn down an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii, you won’t literally need to pack us up and lug us around. We are there for you when you get sick even while traveling. Modern technology affords us the ability to keep in touch even over long distances via cell phone, Facetime, Skype or Messenger. Here are some examples of patients who benefited from their Direct Primary Care (DPC) subscription while traveling: A business man traveling to Las Vegas experienced a sudden onset of severe dizziness and was not able to walk. He became violently sick and feared he was having a stroke. He used Facetime to reach his doctor who was able ask detailed questions and walk the patient thru some maneuvers that confirmed the diagnosis of vertigo. […]