June 20, 2016
Affordable Prescriptions and Labratory tests in Kentucky

The Truth on Labs and Medications

Healthcare and Insurance costs are astronomical and everyone knows it. The sad truth is that no one has really done anything about it. The Affordable Care act has only caused insurance premiums to double and that is expected to happen again by 2017. There are several factors that affect these costs, but I only want to discuss labs and medications today. Even if you’re a healthy adult and do not take any medications you should have routine labs checked at least once a year. Some insurance policies will cover these labs, while most will require some percentage to be paid. If something happens and you need just one extended work up, your lab costs can range anywhere from fifty to thousands of dollars in the current model. If you have insurance it may cover a portion of it, but that is usually only after you’ve met your deductible. Our health […]
June 3, 2016
Small Business Needs Direct Primary Care

Small Businesses Save Time and Money with DPC

Escalating insurance costs are strangling business owners. It is especially true for small businesses that want to provide care for all their employees. Businesses have dealt with this growing problem in many ways: hiring freezes, downsizing, cutting benefits, switching to high-deductible plans or turning employees into independent contractors. Many employers have to think out of the box in order to retain their valued employees. That is where Direct Primary Care (DPC) comes in. On both large and small scales DPC practices like Access Med are helping companies provide concierge quality primary and urgent care for $50/employee/mo. 182655048 The benefits to the company are real and tangible: A happier, healthier workforce- studies show that practices that spend more time with patients have better outcomes Fewer missed sick days- DPC patients are 75% less likely to be hospitalized each year First call for work-related injuries- minor injuries like lacerations and back strains […]
May 11, 2016
Time is the difference in excellent health care

Time Is the Difference

Time makes all the Difference… Your doctor probably agrees with you. When you look at most patient surveys one common complaint stands out… not enough time with the provider. Ironically, when you ask most primary care providers you will notice a similar complaint…not enough time. That is a core feature that sets Direct Primary Care (DPC) apart from traditional practice models, but before I talk more about DPC, it is necessary to give a little background about how most clinics are managed. I remember taking a class during my second year in school about managing a clinic. The instructor was lecturing on “the art of clinic time management.” He taught us that we would only have about 15 minutes per patient, and some patients will inevitably take more time than that. He explained that we would need to shave time from several patients in order to make enough time for […]
April 15, 2016
The Health Care System Is Broken

The System is Broken

But there is a silver lining I remember the precise moment several years ago when the reality struck me… Our health care system is broken. A tearful and angry husband stood next to his wife’s hospital bed yelling at me. She was slowly wasting away from cancer and the man sensed that his wife didn’t have much longer. She had just been wheeled to an ER room when the husband asked if I was there to admit them to the hospital. When I explained that I had to run a battery of tests to find a clear diagnosis so her insurance would cover the hospital stay, the man lost it. She had advanced cancer, but in all of the appointments and treatment sessions no one sat down with the couple to discuss the potential outcomes. She was told she had a fighting chance and the couple expected recovery. Although it […]