December 19, 2016
Medical care should offer both trust and convenience

Trust and Convenience

Earlier this week I sat in the surgeon’s office waiting for my daughter’s last appointment of the day. No wonder patients get frustrated. We spent 45 min waiting on the doctor and another 35 min waiting to be discharged. After multiple surgeries, the trust factor was there, but the convenience factor… not so much. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s important for providers to offer both trust and convenience. That is one of the main reasons we adopted the Direct Care model. Bypassing the hurdles associated with insurance allows us to get to know our patients well. It also allows us to be flexible whether they need to text a quick question, call the doctor after hours, arrange a quick visit before work, or sit down with the whole family to go over medications. Plus, we understand some emergencies happen evenings and weekends. Basically, Access Med lets us get back to […]
November 17, 2016
What happens to Healthcare in America

Now What Happens to Healthcare in America?!?!

3 Things We Can Predict… The election is finally over and the nation must hold its breath to find out what will become of Obamacare and insurance cost. Yet, there are 3 things we can predict with reasonable certainty. 1. Don’t expect anything to change for 2017: both the current president and president elect have agreed on this point. It’s just too late in the game for insurance companies to changes their plans no matter what happens next. 2. Expect insurance regulations to loosen: I would be surprised to see the insurance mandate go away completely, so everyone will probably still need to carry some sort of coverage or pay a tax. Most experts seem to think that the federal govt. will loosen its definition of a qualifying plan, and that should drive cost down. 3. Obamacare does have 2 popular components: coverage for pre-existing conditions and coverage for adult […]
November 4, 2016
Affordable allergy treatments in Kentucky

Comprehensive Allergy Testing $150, Painless Allergy Drops $65/mo

You asked… We delivered! 54% of people have 2 or more clinical allergies. If you are someone who takes regular or seasonal allergy medication or suffer from sinus infections, it may be worth testing. Finally, a practical, cost-efficient solution to CURE allergies. At the request of our patients, Ryan, Andy and I put our heads together to offer a solution to overpriced allergy testing and curative treatment. Best of all, it is completely painless and more effective than allergy shots. After 2 years patients are allergy free. Think about freedom from the antihistamines and nose spray, and think about the money you can save by never buying these medications again. Feel free to call us for more information: (859) 209-2269.
October 13, 2016
Epi Auto Injector

Refillable Epi Autoinjector ~$37, then $3 per refill vs. Epi-Pen copay ~$608

Thinking out of the box is one of the best things about direct primary care. We make these epinephrine auto-injectors, pre-fill them, and then teach our patients to use them for serious reactions. Best of all the refills are only $3.