March 20, 2017
Health Insurance and Health Care Access

More on Insurance and Access

What if Someone Tried to Sell You Insurance for Gas? Well, the main purpose behind any type of insurance is to provide coverage in the event of an unlikely (and costly!) catastrophe. Take auto or home owner’s insurance as an example. You might use your auto policy to repair a wrecked vehicle or your home owner’s insurance to replace a damaged roof, but… you would NEVER use your auto policy to pay for an oil change or your homeowner’s to pay for cleaning your gutters. Those are predictable and affordable maintenance costs. If you did use your insurance to cover them, however, your insurance premiums are guaranteed to skyrocket. Hence the problem- why use it then, unless absolutely necessary? For most people, a medical catastrophe like a bad car wreck or cancer doesn’t happen every year.… In the US we have been conditioned to use our insurance cards like credit […]
February 24, 2017
Transparency in Health Care in Kentucky

Transparency- another way Direct Care is changing the game

Imagine going to the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner… Only instead of ringing your items up at the time of purchase, your bill was submitted one month later… long after you consumed that dinner. Worse yet, imagine if that bill differed based on your mode of payment or even what brand of credit card you used. Seems like a crazy idea, but that’s the industry standard when it comes to medicine. Two similar patients can pay drastically different prices for the same service. Plus they get to wait a month or so until the final bill arrives. Fortunately, Direct Primary Care is slowly beginning to level the playing field and introduce a little transparency into medical billing. DPC practices around the country may handle their individual clinics a little differently, but the one constant is upfront, clear pricing. Many, like our own Access Med, even offer wholesale prices […]
February 10, 2017
The truth about fevers - Health care in Kentucky

The Truth About Fevers… (I should have listened to my wife)

With so much strep, mono, colds, pharyngitis, laryngitis and flu going around, this has been a very busy flu season. One characteristic shared by all these infections is fever, a temperature > 100.4°F. But if we step back a moment to understand our immune system, we are forced to ask the question, “Are fevers really that bad?” We have known for decades that both viruses and bacteria have optimal temperatures for reproducing. A team from Yale demonstrated that the cold virus spreads faster at lower temperatures (, and even more interesting, the capsule of many viruses becomes harder and rubbery at lower temperatures making it more resistant to our immune defenses. We also know that most infectious bacteria are mesophiles, meaning they grow best between 68°F (20°C) – 104°F (40°C). Enough with the science though. The take-home message is simple: Our bodies mount fevers to help fight and slow the […]
January 6, 2017
Access Med Turns One Year Old in Danville, KY

Access Med is Turning One!!!

First of all, we have to thank all our patients who entrust us with their care. We hope you have found our version of Direct Care refreshing, convenient and personal. It’s hard to imagine that 1 year ago we had just opened our doors, but truth be told, the planning and preparations began well before that. Ryan, Andy and I have begun what we believe is a revolutionary step toward better care in Kentucky. We expect many changes in the coming months that we hope will make care and even insurance more affordable. Still, real change starts from the ground level. In order to improve patient care, we decided to start treating patients like people and take the time to know and listen to our patients. In the past year we have enjoyed bringing the patient-provider back to center stage and we look forward to what the next year holds. […]