June 16, 2017
Tick Bites in Kentucky

The Truth about Ticks

For those who like to skip to the end of the story… in KY your risk of any tick borne disease is pretty low and most infections can be treated with a single dose of antibiotics. The best thing to do is wear insect repellent before you go out. For the whole story, check this out: A quick internet search for tick borne infections, particularly the Powassan (POW) Virus, will have you thinking this is an epidemic doomed to destroy the whole country. Fortunately history suggests this may not be the virulent killer everyone fears. The POW Virus has actually been around warmer climates in Europe and Asia for decades. It is thought to have originated in far eastern Russia 70 years ago. While it can cause a serious infection called encephalitis, most patients infected with the Powassan Virus actually will not develop encephalitis. The statistics paint a clearer picture: […]
June 8, 2017
Subscription Based Medicine in Kentucky

Is Subscription Based Medicine the Solution?

Is subscription based medicine the solution to America’s healthcare crisis??? We think so at Access Med, and apparently lots of folks agree. Just take this example we see frequently: 9 year old falls and cuts himself playing outside at 7:00pm. Mom calls his provider. Mom gets immediate first aid instructions, then we arrange to meet promptly at the office to repair the laceration. All covered as part of the monthly subscription. When you imagine an ER bill for a similar encounter, it’s pretty clear why this growing practice style improves access and lowers cost not just for individuals, but potentially for the whole country. That’s why you are hearing calls from senators, congressmen and leaders like Tim Price (the sitting Secretary of Health and Human Services) to expand Direct Primary Care. We could not agree more, and we have big news coming soon for Lexington, KY.
May 5, 2017
Health care needs common sense first

I’ll Pass on the Healthcare Bills for a Little Common Sense

News broke out of Washington that a new healthcare bill passed in the House, but judging by conflicting reports nobody really knows what that means for us- the working class of America. What we really need though is a bill that passes the sniff test… one that uses a little common sense. Improving healthcare takes 3 key ingredients: Access- Better access to preventative care, screening and acute problems prevents serious complications. It also helps patients and providers make more informed decisions. The good news? Preventative care is the most affordable component of healthcare. Transparency- Patients still pay the bills, whether it’s thru insurance hikes or out-of-pocket. Therefore, patients deserve to know the REAL cost of their care. Responsibility- As my dad says, “You gotta have a little skin in the game.” When both providers and patients are more invested in their care, outcomes improve. I’m happy to report that direct […]
April 6, 2017
The benefits of Direct Primary Care

The Hidden Benefits of DPC

The medical profession becomes more complex every day. Couple that with the slew of readily available bad information, bad science and bad advice, and it can be difficult to know who and what to trust. It helps to have a trusted professional to consult for problems. The benefits of having an independent provider who doesn’t worry about insurance, corporations or hospitals may not seem obvious at first, but it really puts the patient back in the driver seat. It allows the patient and provider to focus on what’s important to that particular individual. I recall a long conversation with patient about potential cancer treatment options. That patient was considering a promising but unconventional treatment. We poured over the data over several visits, and in the end that patient decided to go with the traditional treatment with a surgical specialist. The patient is cancer free now, and I am grateful for […]