Why Individuals Need Access Med

Your Individual Benefits

We Are Here When You Need Us

All our patients have our personal cell phone numbers and email addresses. You can text, call, or email us directly with any concerns or questions. We aren't like the other physicians you may know who try to limit your access to them. We want you to feel secure that we are here for you any time you need us. That is one of the ways that direct primary care is not only more affordable -- but it is also better, more accessible health care. (We even make house calls!)

"I love that you respect my time and don't require me to wait. I hated going to my old doctor because spending 5 minutes with him consistently cost me over an hour in the waiting room and another 30-45 minutes waiting in the exam room. I've never had to wait for my appointment with Access Med. Thank you!"

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Basic DPC - $70/month

Precision DPC - $90/month

Precision DPC includes all the benefits in the basic tier plus a personalized genomic assessment with a precision specialist and your DPC provider.  This also includes a personalized health plan, exercise recommendations, and all necessary follow-up.

Children (Ages 0-18)

  • $ 35.00/month (with parent/guardian)
  • $ 50.00/month (without parent/guardian)